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Can Your Job Give You Type 2 Diabetes?

It might...especially if your work leaves you chronically stressed out. Even if you can't change your job, we'll show you how to find calm.

Woman with diabetes testing her blood sugar at work.

Diabetes in the Office: A Supervisor’s Guide

Do you supervise an employee with diabetes? Learn about your responsibilities as an employer under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Woman working at her computer and desk late at night.

Long Hours Increase Diabetes Risk for Women

Women who consistently work more than 45 hours per week have a 63 percent higher risk of devloping type 2 diabetes, according to this recent study.

Three coworkers talking in an office.

4 Tips For Disclosing Diabetes at Work

If you're thinking about disclosing your diabetes at work, consider these four things before you speak up.