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Quiz: Do You Know the Risk Factors for Cervical Cancer?

Does birth control use increase your risk of cervical cancer? What about your family history? Test your knowledge here.

Person analyzing DNA test.

Home DNA Tests and Privacy: A Primer

Remember: Reputable companies will ask permission before they share your information with others.

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Understanding Thyroid Cancer Risk Factors

Thyroid cancer is the ninth most common cancer in the U.S., with more cases each year. Find out if you could be at risk.

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11 Important Breast Cancer Facts

From mammograms to family history, here are 11 breast cancer facts every woman should know as breast cancer awareness month rolls around each October.

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Genetic Testing on the Upswing Among Young Women

According to a recent study, there’s been a huge uptick in younger women opting for genetic testing to help guide their treatment decisions; does this testing truly make a difference?